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Pharmaboardroom 雜誌專訪潤雅生技董事長暨總經理 翟台茜 博士

Tessie Che, chairperson & GM of Amaran Biotech shares the story of how she came to lead the company and set its course to become a leading specialty biopharma CMO that leverages high-quality products and best manufacturing practices above all else. As a veteran in the life sciences and pharma industries, Che also shares her insights on the major trends shaping biopharma in Taiwan and internationally. Finally, Che concludes with a message about Amaran’s ambitions to set the gold standard for Taiwanese drug production.

Pharmaboardroom 雜誌專訪潤雅生技董事長暨總經理 翟台茜 博士 2022-01-21T11:53:37+08:00

潤雅生技獲得PIC/s GMP認證

潤雅生技股份有限公司已取得衛生福利部cGMP認證,此認證表示潤雅生技符合藥物優良製造準則之西藥藥品優良製造規範,正式通過PIC/s GMP認證。證書授予其座落於新竹生物醫學園區的原料藥先導工廠,許可編號為(IMP)0038015。

潤雅生技獲得PIC/s GMP認證 2022-01-21T11:54:23+08:00



潤雅生技與美國Stellar生技公司簽訂獨家供應協議運用鎖孔帽貝血藍素(KLH)於癌症疫苗製造 2022-01-21T11:54:28+08:00