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Amaran Biotech receives PIC/s GMP certification

Amaran Biotechnology, Inc. has been awarded cGMP certification from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). The certificate demonstrates that Amaran Biotechnology manufactures and maintains a level of compliance in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention/Co-Operation Scheme (PIC/s) Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Its scope covers the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) at Amaran’s manufacturing facility, which is located in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.

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Amaran Biotechnology Selects Stellar KLH for Cancer Vaccines

Amaran Biotechnology, Inc., a biopharmaceuticals manufacturer and leading manufacturer of a key protein utilized in immunotherapy development pipelines Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBOT), have entered into an exclusive multi-year supply agreement in connection with clinical development studies of immunotherapies for metastatic breast cancer and other cancers.

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