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Press Releases

Amaran Biotech Introduces the First Fully-Automated Robotic Aseptic Filling Line in Taiwan During Bio Asia-Taiwan 2022 7/28-7/31

Amaran Biotechnology Inc., a subsidiary of Taiwan’s OBI Pharma Inc., today announced that the construction of its fully-automated aseptic filling line and facilities, a first in Taiwan, has been completed. The new facility minimizes the risks of human factors affecting the quality of the pharmaceutical products, and substantially enhances their safety. The project is now entering the final process validation phase of the medium fill procedures.

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Amaran Biotech and OBI Pharma share exchange plan to form a strong synergistic cooperation

The Board of Directors of Amaran Biotechnology, Inc. passed a resolution on September 28th to exchange 67 percent of the Company’s shares with OBI Pharma, Inc. The share exchange transaction will be 53,466,000 shares of Amaran Biotech’s common stock in exchange for 10,693,200 shares of OBI Pharma’s common stock. OBI Pharma intends to issue new shares and increase capital in this transaction.

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Amaran Biotechnology Selects Stellar KLH for Cancer Vaccines

Amaran Biotechnology, Inc., a biopharmaceuticals manufacturer and leading manufacturer of a key protein utilized in immunotherapy development pipelines Stellar Biotechnologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBOT), have entered into an exclusive multi-year supply agreement in connection with clinical development studies of immunotherapies for metastatic breast cancer and other cancers.

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