Sustainability of Adjuvant Development


As a socially responsible biotech company, Amaran continuously adopts eco-friendly practices that benefit not only the environment but also a healthier company culture and potentially cost saving.

Amaran’s key product AB-801 (QS-21), originally derived from Quillaja Saponaria, a soap bark tree native to South America, is a vaccine adjuvant that enhances the ability of the immune system to respond to vaccine antigens. QS-21 is a component in several market-approve vaccines including the GlaxoSmithKline shingles vaccine and Novavax COVID-19 vaccine.

Amaran has successfully manufactured QS-21 from traditional tree bark extract. The bark source is diminishing, and access is limited. We are currently collaborating with partner companies to develop the manufacturing of QS-21 from tissue culture biomass, aiming to achieve a consistent, scalable, and sustainable production that will benefit the environment and vaccine development.